Thursday, February 19, 2009

This what musicians mean by "feel"

Not only is that the legendary Muddy Waters, that's the equally legendary James Cotton on harp. As a white kid from the suburbs, I can't say I have ever "had" the blues, but I sure have played them on stage... including this song, but not nearly as authentically.

Greatness can be humbling...

This ad won a Gold Lion under the film category in the 54th edition of the Cannes International Advertising Awards.
Country: GERMANY
Advertising Agency: NORDPOL+ HAMBURG
Country: GERMANY
Creative Director: Lars Ruehmann
Art Director: Bjoern Ruehmann/Joakim Reveman/Matthew Branning
Production Company, City: PARANOID PROJECTS, Paris
Country: FRANCE
2nd Production Company, City: PARANOID US, Los Angeles
Country: USA
Director: The Vikings

Friday, February 13, 2009

Read any good books lately?

I'm not promoting this book. But the title alone is enough to get people interested, no? And if the title doesn't get you, how about author Jay Louis's description of what his "illustrated" book is all about: "Greasy foreheads. Spiky frosted hair. Oiled-up faces dripping with Tag Body Shot spray. Armani Exchange T-shirts and rank cologne wafting off their backs like fetid pollen clouds as they pump their fists and attempt to grind into any hotties nearby."

Pure poetry, in a douchebag kind of way.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The economy, the bailout, Iran... and Rodriguez. WTF?

Last night, Barack Obama's first major press conference as president came in the midst of one of the world's greatest crises: the devastated economy. He was confident, reassuring but blunt. We're in trouble but we can get out of it if we all put our minds on what's important. Put aside party politics and focus on getting Americans (and Canadians) back to work and paying their mortgages.

The questions from the media were thoughtful and, at times, tough. Then Michael Fletcher of The Washington Post asked for the President's reaction to the news that Alex Rodriguez admitted steroid use while playing with the Texas Rangers from 2001-2003. WTF? Please, someone tell me that there was some serious eye-rolling going on in that room after that. This twit gets the attention of the President of the United States and he doesn't ask about Chris Brown beating up Rhianna and missing the Grammies? Amateur.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Shut the f*#k up Donny

I thought I was pretty much alone in my love for The Big Lebowski. Now, it turns out that I am among millions of schmucks around the world (alright, in North America) that are endlessly amused by the Coen brother's 1998 cult comedy.

Today, I learned that an art exhibition will open in Salt Lake City featuring "work" inspired by the Dude's peed-on rug. I dunno, I am feeling kind of cramped in my house or worship and I may have to move on. Does that make me snob?

Here's the article:

Friday, February 06, 2009

Will we ever get over this?

The kid takes a toke (as he probably has before) and becomes a pariah? Suspended from training? Loss of funding? Loss of his Kellogg deal? Really? What if the picture was of him swigging from a bottle of JD? Perfectly acceptable, no doubt. And the difference? An antiquated law with no basis in reality, backed by a billion dollar budget to fight the scourge of "drugs."

While no one should drive under the influence of anything, I'd much rather deal with someone high on grass than a drunk, most of whom are either dangerous or stupid, and in most cases, both.

Give the kid a break and put him back in the pool.